Trading goods from row boats

In the previous century Wemeldinge lived of agriculture, fishing and oyster farming, but also from peddling. Between 1866 and 1993, Wemeldinge had a lock, in the Zuid-Beveland canal. This attracted traders; peddlers sold their goods from their row boats to the ships waiting in line in the lock. Barge captains waiting at the locks could buy necessities from them. The peddlers sold various products, from food to cleaning products, oil, rope, etc. to the passing vessels. It was a lively affair!

The trade on the water disappeared

In 1992 the Zuid-Beveland canal was broadened and built around Wemeldinge. As a result, the locks became defunct and the trade on the water disappeared. Where the old locks used to be, there are now the marina, the boulevard and an attractive residential area. There is a peddler hiking trail in Wemeldinge (in Dutch).