The municipality of Kapelle consists of the villages of Biezelinge, Kapelle, Schore and Wemeldinge. The hamlets Eversdijk and Abbekinderen are also part of Kapelle. The villages are surrounded by green countryside and fruit orchards. Kapelle lies on Zuid-Beveland between Oosterschelde National Park and the Westerschelde river, which is an important sailing route to Antwerp.


Kapelle is a circular village. In the centre of the village is the Protestant Church and around it are houses. From here, the village grew. The village now has many facilities, a variety of shops and roughly 9000 residents.

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Nederland Hervormde Kerk op het Dorpsplein in Kapelle


The village of Wemeldinge is both authentic and modern. It has an attractive main street and a lively marina. Because of its central location on the Oosterschelde, Wemeldinge is a tourist hotspot for scuba divers and water sports enthusiasts.

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Wemeldinge met de jachthaven vanuit de lucht gezien


Schore is the smallest village of Kapelle. It is a green, quiet, rural village along the Zuid-Beveland canal.

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Luchtfoto van het dorp Schore met het Kanaal door Zuid-Beveland


Biezelinge is situated south of the village of Kapelle and is separated from Kapelle by a railway.

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Eversdijk en Abbekinderen

There are two hamlets in the municipality of Kapelle: Eversdijk and Abbekinderen. The hamlet Eversdijk was a municipality in its own right until 1815, when it was integrated in the municipality of Kapelle. The hamlet of Abbekinderen lies partly in Kapelle and partly in the municipality of Goes.

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Grote boom met woonboerderij in Eversdijk