Porpoise spotting

The Oosterschelde river is home to porpoises and seals. They can be spotted from a boat, but also from the dyke near Wemeldinge. You need to keep an eye out though, because they only pop their head above the water for a short time, to breathe. You will usually see no more than the upper part of their back. The best time to try to spot a porpoise is when there is no wind and the water surface is smooth. That’s what we call porpoise weather. This is when you have a chance to get a glimpse of the smallest whale! When the weather is very calm, you may even hear them snort when they come up to breathe.

Other places

Other places where you may be able to spot porpoises are: the jetty near Zierikzee, the marina of Burghsluis, near Wissenkerke, Colijnsplaat and Goese Sas.