Experience the Oosterschelde

In Wemeldinge on the Oosterschelde shore, there are 2 viewpoints and information points: ‘De Duikbril’ and ‘'t Schip’. This is where you can experience the Oosterschelde and have a splendid view of the Oosterschelde!

De Duikbril

De Duikbril (the diving mask) at one end of the Kattendijksedijk is a true eye-catcher in Wemeldinge. Here, you can learn more about the underwater world of Nationaal Park Oosterschelde. De Duikbril is also a great place for a holiday picture!

Uitzichts- en informatiepunt De Duikbril aan Nationaal Park Oosterschelde in Wemeldinge

't Schip

This replica of a river vessel gives information about inland navigation and Nationaal Park Oosterschelde. The bridge of the ship offers a beautiful view of the Oosterschelde, where you can see the ships entering the canal. If you scan the QR code in ‘t Schip, you will see the website of Ship Finder. You will then see which ships are passing by at that very moment, which cargo they are carrying and where they are headed.

Uitzichts- en informatiepunt 't Schip aan Nationaal Park Oosterschelde