4.5 star cycling province

Zeeland is a 4.5 star cycling province and proud of it! We have hundreds of kilometres of cycling routes. Routes for recreational cycling, mountain biking or bicycle racing. Across the countryside, alongside the water, through the woods or the dunes.

At www.zeeland.com you will find all the cycle routes in Zeeland.

Effortlessly planning your own cycling route

With the cycling junction system Zeeland (FIKS), you can plan your own cycling route. You can pick a long route or a short one. Cycling on the landside or on the seaside of the dykes, with a tail wind or with a view of the water: you can plan your own route with FIKS.

Junction numbers

Each FIKS junction has a number. With the help of these junctions, planning your own cycling route is a piece of cake. Write the numbers down on a piece of paper or save them in your phone, and you are good to go. Use this website to plan your route.

FIKS signs

On all FIKS roads and paths, you will come across white signs with green lettering. At crossroads, forks and turnings you will see signs with an arrow. These signs also show the number of the junction you are headed for. The FIKS signs are visible from both sides, so the direction you’re going makes no difference. You can cycle the route clockwise or counterclockwise.

FIKS maps

In Zeeland we have different FIKS maps:

  • Zeeland North: Schouwen-Duiveland, Goeree-Overflakkee and Sint Philipsland.
  • Zeeland Middle: Walcheren, Bevelanden and Tholen.
  • Zeeland South: Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.

The FIKS map for Zeeland Middle is sold at:

  • Camping Linda, Oostelijke Kanaalweg 4 in Wemeldinge
  • Hotel Brasserie Smits, Wilhelminastraat 90 in Wemeldinge
  • Marina of Wemeldinge, Sluisplateau 31 in Wemeldinge
  • Bookshop Lectori, Weststraat 9-11 in Kapelle

Zeeland cyclists’ cafes

Get off your bike at one of the Zeeland cyclists cafes. These are cyclist-friendly cafes that offer amenities for cyclists. You can have a drink or a bite to eat, fill your flask or use the toilet. If you have a flat tire, you can also replace the tube there. The cyclists’ cafes are signposted on the cyclist junction network, so they are not hard to find.

Taking the ferry

There used to be over a hundred different ferries in Zeeland. Over time, they have been replaced by dams, bridges and tunnels. In the summer months several ferries are once again available to take you and your bike to a different part of Zeeland. You can plan your own route from junction to junction. An easy way of getting to know all of Zeeland on your bike!

The nearby ferry ‘Frisia 2’ will take you from Yerseke to Gorishoek. More information and a link to download the brochure ‘Zeeuwse pontjes’ (Zeeland ferries) with the Zeeland ferries is available on the website zeeland.com (in Dutch).