The Kapelse bos is a small forest that has been made into a gnome forest (Kabouterbos). The gnomes can be easily spotted because of their red hats. Even though the forest has been there for a while, new gnomes and their homes are still being added. This means there will always be new things to discover and it will remain good fun to visit the forest.

If you look through the trees, you may see the circus or the sleeping gnomes. But do not only look down when you’re exploring the forest! Some of the gnomes are higher up in the trees. The Kabouterbos was originally designed by a creative resident of Kapelle, but the forester loves them now too.

Natural playground

Next to the Kapelse bos is a natural playground, where your kids can play for a while during your trip. There are tree trunks and hillocks they can climb. Remember to bring a football, as there is a football pitch near the forest.

Something for everyone!

The Kapelse bos is a fun destination for old and young. Are you going to explore the Kabouterbos too?

Practical information

There are different roads leading to the forest, but if you wish to park your car, it is recommendable that you go there via Sportcentrum De Bloesem. Near this sports centre, is a spacious car park where you can also leave your bike.
After you have parked your car here, you can follow the path along the skate park. Then you walk past the scouting straight into the Kapelse bos, where you will soon run into a few gnomes.