Wemeldinge is a true diving hotspot. Between Wemeldinge and Kattendijke, there are more than ten places for diving. Each spot and each season offers its own view of the underwater world of the Oosterschelde river. Thanks to its facilities Wemeldinge is a 5-star diving hotspot:

  • parking;
  • dyke steps to facilitate going in and out of the water;
  • changing room with sinks (De Stelhoeve);
  • air tank filling stations (Klein Stelle and Duikplaats Wemeldinge Parking);
  • cafes and restaurants.

Underwater life

Underwater life in the Oosterschelde consists of over 250 animal species and multiple flora and fauna, such as: bass, grey mullet, sole, flounder, dab, turbot, brill, eel, eelpout, butterfish, goby, wrasse, syngnathus, sea horses, shorthorn sculpins, blenny, common cuttlefish, sepiola, lumpfish, ... you name it! Shallow places in particular have a wide variety of plants. Take the 142 different types of seaweed: red, brown and green algae, for instance. They form a biotope for a large part of the underwater life.

At the information point 'De Duikbril' at the first end of the Kattendijksedijk, you can find out more about the underwater world. Between the two beaches, there are four tidal troughs. At high tide, they disappear from view, but at low tide they can be approached. This gives you the perfect opportunity to see the underwater world from up close, with its different seaweeds, shrimps, anemones and young fish. And you won’t even get wet!

Summer and winter

Diving is possible both in the winter and in the summer. The water temperature varies between roughly -2°C at minimum and 24°C degrees at maximum. As a result, the presence of animals and plants varies per season.

Easy access and more information

Wemeldinge is at a mere 10 minute-drive from the A58 motorway, so it is easily accessible! From the A58 take exit 33 for Yerseke. More information about diving in Wemeldinge is available on duikersgids.nl/duikstekken/wemeldinge.