Do you feel like exercising outdoors for free at a time that suits you? Then check out the exercise routes in Wemeldinge and Kapelle.

QR-fit exercise route Wemeldinge

Where this exercise route runs along the Oosterschelde river, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the water when you are doing your exercises. The route is approximately 4 km long and is marked by 8 signposts. It starts at the marina along the top and the bottom of the dyke in the direction of the Wemeldinge wood. You can pick any of the signposts to start your route. You will see the specific exercise if you scan the QR code on the signpost. After scanning, pick a level - beginner, intermediate or advanced - and do your exercise. There is nothing to it! You can scan the QR code on one and the same signpost multiple times to get a different exercise each time. So, come to Wemeldinge and scan until you are fit. Moreover, if you download the QR-Fit app, you can earn points, medals and rewards.

Different exercises

The exercises change every 24 hours. This gives you a unique exercise experience every day. There are three levels that you can choose from to do the exercises.

  1. Beginner: If you haven’t exercised for a while, then choose this level.
  2. Intermediate: If you exercise regularly and if you are ready for a new challenge, then choose these exercises.
  3. Advanced: If you are the fanatical sporty type and ready to go for it, then choose these exercises.

Exercise route in Cederbos, Kapelle

In Kapelle, there is a route with 16 exercises. Here the young and the elderly can train their strength and balance by doing stretching exercises. Calf stretching, boxing, climbing the stairs, slaloming and balancing. The route starts in the Cederlaan. Challenge yourself!

QR-FIT Exercise Route Kapelle

In Kapelle, there is also a QR-FIT Exercise Route. This route runs from De Bloesem towards the Ambachtsherenwegeling. Afterwards, you can return to De Bloesem through the Kapelse forest. The long route is 2.4 km long and consists of 12 poles. On the short route, you walk 1.4 km and pass by 9 poles. You can start at each pole. After scanning, you choose your level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Then, you perform your exercise. It's that simple! You can scan the QR code on the same pole multiple times. You will then receive different exercises each time. Come to Kapelle and scan yourself fit.

QR-FIT app

Download the QR-FIT app and earn points, medals, and rewards!

Free Exercise Program "Longer Vital"

Do you enjoy getting extra help? Or is it more enjoyable to exercise with other participants? Then make use of the exercise program "Longer Vital". Here, you walk the route with a small group every week. During the walk, we do exercises focusing on strength, balance, and independent movement. You can sign up at Do you have any questions or need help with registration? Then contact Femke Hoekstra at or 06 - 29 66 61 57.