Historical oyster wells

Zeeland is of course known for its mussels and oysters. You can order them in practically every restaurant in Zeeland. In the neighbouring village of Yerseke, there are historical oyster wells and three marinas. The world’s only mussel auction is to be found here as well. It’s nice to look around in this authentic mussel and oyster town. If you love to eat mussels or oysters; they don’t get any fresher than this!

Gather your own oysters and more

Around the Oosterschelde river you will find mussels, oysters and edible snails. You can gather them yourself from the tops and crevices of the rocks along the bottom of the dyke. They can be gathered as from two hours before and two hours after low tide. At high tide, the shellfish will disappear underwater and you will not be able to find them anymore. Pay attention to the tide and the weather when you’re gathering, so the rising tide will not take you by surprise. You are only allowed to gather a maximum of 10 kg, for private use only.

Guided tours

In Yerseke, you can join different guided tours. Follow the guide to the marina and along the oyster wells, visit a mussel processing company or collect oysters along the Oosterschelde river together with a guide. Visit the website of Tourist shop Yerseke for more information.